Rowso’s Article Database

Rowso’s Article Database is a directory of free articles, guides, special reports, and white papers. The site is intended to help visitors increase their knowledge, research product reviews, and build credibility by publishing articles to the database. For this reason, the site was designed to allow visitors to read and publish high-quality, informative articles. However, the submission process is currently disabled and no new registrations are allowed at this time.

The original scope of the project was to develop a site for publishing client written articles and products reviews. To increase the volume of articles published on the site, we expanded the site functionality to allow site visitors to submit articles as well. This functionality has since been disabled as the site received over 100,000 articles to the database—most of which were considered to be of low quality.

As one of our longest held projects, has been redesigned and repurposed several times over its existence. Our last design effort was quite successful and transformed the site from a simple, custom coded php site into a clean, easy to maintain WordPress site. The primary driver for the change was a need to more easily publish articles and product reviews. While this goal was achieved, we expect to begin redesigning the site once again to narrow its focus. Details are not yet known, but we expect a more targeted, niche based approach to the site—which will quite likely require a move away from the site’s Article Database branding.

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