About Us

Boykin Marketing Group, LLC is dedicated to providing customized marketing solutions that meet the needs of our clients and their organizations. We specialize in providing customized employee discount programs for health care organizations, targeted marketing solutions for retail and service oriented businesses, and internet marketing and website development solutions for small businesses.

Our marketing solutions allow organizations and small business owners to focus on their business by partnering with us to develop discount programs and advertising campaigns that fit their needs. We strive to develop cost effective, highly targeted campaigns to deliver our customers the maximum return on investment (ROI) for achieving their goals.

Mission and Values

  • To provide health care organizations with an employee discount program that offers their employees valuable discounts on products and services within their community.
  • To develop target market advertising and internet marketing solutions for small business owners, franchisees, and retail and service oriented businesses.
  • To deliver excellence by ensuring quality, reliability, and respect in every aspect of our business.
  • To develop and maintain partnerships with health care organizations and retail and service oriented businesses.
  • To leverage our knowledge and expertise to help organizations and small businesses achieve their goals.

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